“Cosa pesa di più” by Blu in Cochabamba, Bolivia

In Cochabamba, Bolivia, Italian street artist Blu creates “Cosa pesa di più” that means what is heavier, a huge hand that carries a scale. On one side there is a Bolivian peso, that reports on “unity is strength” and that corresponds to 0,11 pounds. On the other side there is a group of people represented by a cholita, a worker and a child, with more people in the shade. The message is more than clear: for the authority it’s more important the money than the population.

The choice to work on a brick surface is connected to Bolivia’s buildings, most of them are without plaster, communicating the poverty of the country and making the people in the artwork painted with only outlines and without facial features to remove any identity. Blu realises this mural in 2014 for the BAU (Bienal de Arte Urbano), one year before than the referendum for the re-election of  Evo Morales, Bolivia president since 2006, who converted Bolivia in one of the most corrupted country in the world. The artwork seems to have a negative consideration of the system but actually Blu doesn’t keep out the chance to change the scale oscillation, increasing the weight of the population in our society.20160522_173625.jpg


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