“Women” by Knorke Leaf in La Paz, Bolivia

Norka Paz, Bolvian street artist, well known with the pseudonym of Knorke Leaf focuses her work especially on two themes: endangered species and women rights. Knorke Leaf wants to be a voice of the feminist movement for her country, Bolivia and all Latin America. She chooses big walls in the streets to emphasize on the women, without any distinction of religion, origin or culture as we see in this painting. The issue of domestic violence, workplace inequality and reproductive rights are faced with a colourful style and a lush nature in the background. Those women are protesting for their freedom but it’s not a violent fight it’s a revolution made it with culture, love and tolerance. The woman is seen, in Knorke Leaf’s aesthetic, as an important role in the preservation of our Earth in step with Andean Cosmovision.



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