“Winter Solstice” by Un Kolor Distinto in Valparaiso, Chile

This mural is part of the Solstice and Equinox project, in which the Chilean duo Un Kolor Distinto, Sammy and Cynthia, realize artworks for four different buildings, celebrating those astronomical events. In this mural Winter Solstice, the duo shows the moment of the year in which the Earth renews itself by the rain. It’s the time when the mapuches (native people from South of Chile) celebrate the new year and start with the seed sowing. The artwork shows a woman holding some grass and a man carrying some seeds, both in meditation for a good harvest. The characters are immersed in an unreal world, made with blue, green and purple hues. This mural is a synthesis of Un Kolor Distinto’s aesthetic made it with surreal figures from their fantasy always connected with the iconography, culture and tradition of South Chile.



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