“La mamie” by Ella & Pitr in Valparaiso, Chile

Duo French street artists Ella & Pitr, also known as Papiers Peintres, create a universe of giants, objects and animals represented by a very personal and spontaneous style. Ella & Pitr work on the roofs, squares, walls and natural places using different techniques depending on the surface where they paint. Their characters seem to come from a comic world taking on a realistic appearance by the trompe-l’oeil effect. The figures are often represented in unusual situations as we can see in this artwork, where the old lady is fiddling a plunger. Their aim is a research of the movement into the drawing to make the giants alive. In this mural they use Indian ink and papers, introducing little by little the colour, but leaving the surface filled up mostly with black and white hues. The style is inspired by the kids’ drawings. Their idea is to leave a urban footprint on Chile’s universe graffiti, to create a mutual exchange with the local street art generating new forms of expression.



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