“Selling up the Amazon” by Cranio in Shoreditch, London

Fabio Oliveira aka Cranio is a Brazilian street artist from Sao Paulo who travels around the world to show the reality of his country about environment, politics, consumerism and corruption. His main character is a rainforest Indian, mix of different tribes, who has in his skin the marks of his tradition and culture. But, for Cranio, Amazonian people are absorbed by occidental culture, for that, they are sick and so blue. This sickness is caused by the life far from the forest and by the choice to sell their land for useless gadget and derisory wealth. In this mural he paints two tribal men: the big one with his iphone and the small one with his branded sneakers. They are surrounded  by birds which are getting out from the main charcter’s skin and expensive watches and fleeing money that seem to come from his mouth. His artwork is a clear illustration of the tension between the tribes’ life in Amazon and the insatiable dominant impulse of modern society.



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