Sokar Uno and Juliah at East Side Gallery in Berlin

At the far east end of the East Side Gallery there is this artwork result of the collaboration between German artists Sokar Uno and Juliah. This mural is a fusion of two different techniques that creates a mix of creepy and pleasant image. Sokar Uno fills his art with human beings in a very classical style and through the insertion of elements, as in this case the mask, he twists the message reflecting strong emotions. His illustrative-distorted figures realized by soft and at the same time harsh outlines make the image highly powerful and timeless. His partial-realistic style makes a great synthesis with Juliah’s filigree technique. Her world is full of fantastic creatures and organic forms created with a combination of patterns and structures. Her art represents a portal to a fabulous universe that wants to stimulate viewer’s imagination. In this mural those two characters seem to be two souls of the same person. One being is hiding behind a mask and the other ego is crying, the scene get us involved in this fragile emotional state.



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