“La Ballena” by Cuelli Mangui in Valparaiso, Chile

Spanish artist Cuelli Mangui, now living in Valparaiso, Chile, is known for his recognizable style of complicated patchwork of organic shapes that creates animals, abstract forms and inanimate objects. His quirk is the use of the colours: it’s a rainbow of hues from a vivid red to a bright purple passing through an intense green. The aim is to create a dialogue between the artist’s idea, the wall and the viewer, generating an explosion of colours and emotions. Cuelli Mangui is influenced by the surrealism, eighteenth-century Japanese prints, tattoo culture and urban aesthetics. Starting from the spots he plays with the forms creating visceral elements that they have their own life. These stains grow forming beings that combine and blend each other producing a bigger shape of an entity, as in this case the whale. The main image keeps its outlines undefined but it shows its self as the result of a cohesion of very single piece.



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