“Warming up more” by Mehdighadyanloo in London

Mehdi Ghadyanloo is an Iranian artist known and appreciated for his works of metaphysical orientation. The artist invites you to discover new dimensional realities achieving remarkable results with a wise use of shadows and a strong color definition. This highly personal graphic creates a real sense of suspense: the work is meeting between the subconscious and dreamlike representation. Architectures and trompe l’oeil want to represent what is beyond the physical appearance of reality, beyond the experience of the senses, the metaphysical enigma.
His works are a perfect geometrical code and often many symbols appear such as airplanes, hot air balloons and the eddies, dark and deep. Symbols and episodes are distributed with perfect scanning.
Critics maintain that this artist is the synthesis of a whole generation of Iran, which has changed the face of Tehran and challenged the legality to transform the city into a contemporary context



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