“Hedgehog” by ROA in Shoreditch, London

The animals are the clue to understand the work of Belgian muralist ROA, who creates on public and abandoned walls large scale of beasts, brutes and other animals. His giant creatures are often combine with concepts as life and death including skeleton, organs and decomposing state to communicate a realistic effect. The details are one of the most impressive characteristic of his animals, they look so precise and extremely close to the reality. This obsession for them comes from the change of the sociological order that saw the humans take over all the whole world, occupying the spaces that once belonged to the animals. ROA is fascinated by this process and he tries to capture the local species and he immortalizes them as survivors. He uses a mixture of black, white and grey scale colours using spray or acrylic paint creating a very specific mark on street art scene. In this case ROA realizes a rodent that occupies all the wall. At the first view its huge size communicates a sense of discomfort but its expression is inoffensive as accepting the faith decided by the humans.



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