Street Art Portrait by Stinkfish in Valparaiso, Chile

Colourful portraits have appeared in different part of the world with a personalised and recognisable style. They are the result of Stinkfish’s work, Colombian street artist, born in Mexico City but grew up in Bogotá, who creates very expressive face on the walls, taking inspiration from the people in the street. Stinkfish uses a camera to take randomly pictures of the people who are not aware of being modelling and he transforms those photos in stencils. Behind his work there is the idea to bring into his art, common people and let their images to travel around the world by his murals. Stinkfish chooses old walls which incorporate moistures, cracks and irregularities on the surface. Mostly they are situated in places where the people live to get immerse himself in the real everyday life. In Valparaiso, Stinkfish realises this portrait with South American features, which he reinterprets with colourful and psychedelic elements and forms, typical of his mark.



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