“The Disquiet in Fernando Pessoa and Josè Saramago’s Work” by Andre da Loba in Lisbon, Portugal

Andre da Loba is a Portuguese artist who has worked for many years in the United States. The choice of this artist in this series of images is not accidental. Andrea is primarily an illustrator of good reputation but he also calls himself a reluctant poet. The choice of the wall as a support to his artistic talent was born in a city like Lisbon that we can identify as propulsive center of art and literature. Often Lisbon walls are pages of poetry, it is not uncommon to find verses of the famous Fernando Pessoa, one of the greatest poets of the Portuguese language. We can’t forget furthermore the great influence on the capital of another famous writer: Jose Saramago. In a warm and relaxed atmosphere,a generation of artists, poets and sensitive readers expresses itself  so the Portuguese capital offers the enjoyment of a wallpainting that is not necessarily politically active or involved in a cause but refined. Andrea stand out for his minimalism, marked by the use of colors, shapes, simple forms with pronounced outrline. In this realization we think ironically to Rene Magritte but it is just the tribute of Andrea to these two immortal writers.



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