Mural by Dasic & Okuda in Valparaiso, Chile

This mural is the result of a collaboration between Chilean street artist Dasic Fernandez and Spanish Okuda. The photorealism of Dasic’s work, who takes inspiration from the everyday life, is connected with the geometric forms of Okuda’s style which he uses to blend with organic elements. Dasic is inspired by the impressionism and this influence is evident in the patterns he creates to give the shape to the portrait. At the other side Okuda’s work is catalogued as Pop Surrealism because it asks questions about the contradiction of the existentialism, the universe and the meaning of the life. The artwork is a perfect synthesis of the two styles especially for the use of the colours. The hues realized by the presence of the shades and the lights create a strong realism in the feature of the face which is also completed by the fluid coming out from the mouth and creating bright three dimensional semicircles.

Okuda x Dasic.JPG


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