Mural by Andrea Tarli in Lisbon, Portugal

Walking through the small alleys in the old town of Lisbon it’s possible to admire unexpected beautiful pieces of street art, this mural by Andrea Tarli which is situated in Largo da Achada, is one of them . Andrea Tarli is an eclectic artist from Italy who was fascinated by Wim Wenders’ movie “Lisbon Story”. The director wanted to create an advertisement for Lisbon but he turned up talking about the personal crisis of an artist who was lost and was starting to wander in the city in decay, but full of charm, poetry and music. Tarli was attracted to this city and he collaborated with the GAU (Galeria de Arte Urbana). For this artwork Andrea uses as a background the azulejos, tiles which cover old buildings in Portugal. The mural is a joke to our society of aesthetics, showing up an old lady splashing in the face a guy who is taking a selfie by a spray can. It’s a provocation and also it’s an obvious message: how to encourage the people to be free from every kind of social boundaries through the street art.



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