Portrait by the series of “Everyday Heroes” by Vhils in Shoreditch, London

Alexandre Farto, known in the graffiti world as Vhils, is a Portuguese artist who works with multiple media, included etching acids, bleach, pneumatic drills, chisels and explosives to excavate sections of the wall and show the image. He starts his work from the photographs taken by himself about people in the street. His idea is to turn ordinary people in icons, because they represent the heroes of our contemporary society, exploring the struggle between the aspirations of the individual and the demands of everyday life. Those images are enlarged by old billboard advertisement and used as stencils. From this point Vhils starts the process of carving working on three colours to suggest the depth. This artwork was made in 2012 for his first solo exhibition at Lazarides Gallery in London and it amazes especially for the realistic effect of the portrait. In his work there is an important parallelism: the elimination of the layers of the wall is the removal of the layers of the social and historical system as well. The brutal excavation of the surface contains an intent of exploring the fragility and volatility of the cultural construction to reveal a more pure form.vhils.jpg


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