The Empty Belly in Lisbon, Portugal

Roaming in the street of Lisbon it’s possible to admire beautiful murals, in the old town as well as in the suburbs. Most of the artworks are connected with the history, the poetry and the music of Lisbon and everywhere is possible to perceive this cultural atmosphere. LX Factory, an old building used since 1846 as a manufacturing complex became, in 2008, an important centre of architecture, design, fashion, fine arts and music. In this space you can  enjoy beautiful pieces of street art as this artwork by The Empty Belly which surprises especially for the precision and the realistic effect. It’s a highly detailed piece made exclusively in dots, for which he takes inspiration from the pointillism. The point as single part of a bigger body which keeps, anyway, its independence and its own identity. Through his work The Empty Belly wants to explore the fragility of human beings and the origin of their actions.



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