“5 Platonic Solids” by Etnik in Battipaglia, Italy

Alessandro Battisti aka Etnik is an Italian-Swedish street artist who creates geometrical forms floating in a colourful surrealistic space making it a very recognisable style. Starting from the lettering, he developed the technique and the forms, building architectural modules which are intersect and superimposed. For the background he uses a scenery of changing shapes, colours and perspective which highlights the atmosphere of hanging. In Battipaglia, in the Southern Italy, Etnik works on a big wall, at the “Sandro Penna” school. It’s a piece from his “Prospective Cities” series, in which he creates 3D geometrical compositions showing objects from unsettling points of view and that are overlaid on opposite plans. It’s a scenographic vision of the wall, through it he wants to talks about the increment of the uncontrolled urbanization which makes even more precarious the balance of the daily life. Those urban conglomerates, floating on undefined space, contain the contradictions of our urban contexts.




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