Untitled by SEPE and CHAZME in Lodz, Poland

The work of Sepe have a communicative function, his contemptuous analysis of contemporary society identifies a new redefinition of the individual. The context in which the man continues his evolution is not reassuring, the crisis of values has provided a new human prototype that resembles a mannequin lifeless, trapped in a self-replicating messages virtual network. It’s a deep reflection on the human condition, a serious concern of the artist who believes necessary to expose these feelings of anxiety; precisely for this in his work the men have deformed bodies, obese or overly sagging, angular, unequal, immeasurable heights. Sepe collaborated with many artists, especially with Chazme. His ability to stage geometric spaces in this work allows the creation of checkerboard floors inside a space-maze. The helplessness, the shame, the blindness, the man’s absurdity revolve in front of the viewer’s eyes.




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