“War everywhere, who can help us?” by Loretto in Brixton, London

Murals signed Loretto have appeared across London creating a debate about the identity of the artist. Loretto uses a Banksy-like graffiti style to express his opinion about the social and political situation of today. The undefined outlines and the detailed use of the colours create a recognisable style which diversifies from Banksy. His satirical graffiti involve famous characters, current events and images often associated with sentences to reinforce the meaning of the message. His reflection gets extended to the relationship between state and religion, the employment system and the absurdity of war. In this artwork, realised in Brixton, Loretto plays with the identity of the character and the message from the newspaper. At the first view, you see a common man with his luggage who is reading The Times while he is waiting for the transportation. Only when you focalise the attention to the title of the newspaper the details of the mural come out giving you the answer to the question.



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