“La Noche” by Sam3 in Lisbon, Portugal

He seems a man immersed in a beautiful constellation, or at least a figure suspended in the magic of a starry night. The Spanish street artist Sam3 is a lover of silhouettes that realizes mostly on a large scale and strictly black. The design is simple and often repeats the same human profile, its repetition in the compositions with more individuals seems to remember those set of black silhouettes of ancient anchors and vessels, greek traditional model abstract meander. His dummies are not lifeless: they are carrying out actions, they are suspended in a parallel world building stories. In his works are also represented branches, roots, the stars and the attitude of the discovery. A fascinating hidden symbology, silent, able to capture the viewer’s attention through a few lines. The artist has complete mastery of the use of black. In Lisbon, a bright blue and a lively black are contrasting colors capable of making the seductive and magical wall.



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