“Crocodile” by Erica Il Cane in Lisbon, Portugal

In Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo, in Lisbon, international artists were invited to paint on old buildings through the project CRONO. On one of those edifices stands out a large scale crocodile which completely occupies the façade. It’s a mural by Erica Il Cane, Italian street artist, known for realising majestic and monstrous animals which look like to belong to a surreal space. His work is immersed in a fairy-tale and zoomorphic universe which is the “habitat” of these aquatic and terrestrial animals. Those figures are realised with a scientific precision and also suggest an unpleasant and hostile environment. In this case the huge crocodile has grotesque features, especially in the treatment of the head. The artist plays with the surface of the building overlapping most of the crocodile body and hiding some parts of the paws as they are coming out from the windows. Erica Il Cane presents himself as a creator of dreams and nightmares in the shape of animals to communicate social and ecological messages.


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