“Green Giant” by Blu in Naples, Italy

In 2016 Blu realises in the heart of Naples, the district of Martadei, a huge green human being occupying all the façade of the building. It’s a celebration of the re-opening of the edifice, before a former psychiatric prison and now converted into an open space community. Blu is always interested to the social issues and with this mural he wants to keep the memory of the building’s history. He often paints dramatic and terrific humanoids connected with the social contradictions. For Naples, Blu creates a giant who is screaming collocating a window exactly in the opening of his mouth. His empty eyes suggest the absence of the human nature, as well as the colour of his body. The being is only identified by a number and he is desperately trying to take off his prison uniform. There is strength and aguish at the same time in his gesture. On the other side of the building a police officer and a prisoner appear creating the scenery for the tale. What hits the gaze is the police guard as the same colour of the incarcerated as to remind us everyone belongs to the same condition, the human one. The green giant becomes a symbol for all the nameless people who passed through this building.


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