“Neptune” by PichiAvo in Bristol, UK

PichiAvo is a street art duo from Valencia, Spain, who realises artworks revealing a powerful fusion between graffiti style and classical heritage. Their works are very detailed and precise. They play with different layers of the image: the background made with urban signatures is overlapped by icons from the Hellenistic Age blending the ancient and the modern creating a urban mythology. The explosion of the colours is fused together with the grey of the Ancient Greek sculptures showing us how they could belong to the same dimension: the present. In Bristol, for the Upfest 2016, PichiAvo creates a mural painting the God of Freshwater and the Sea. The twisting of Neptune’ chest creates a potent movement into all the painting generating a breathtaking effect which calls the spectator’s attention. That’s a perfect deconstruction of Classic Art reinterpreted by the formalism of the street which produces a beautiful and performative urban art.


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