“The Fryderyk Chopin mural” in Warsaw, Poland

Contemporary muralism is a winning weapon to channel the attention to the own territory and promote its knowledge. Masterpieces made on unusual support: the brick. The walls are very often representative of a real adherence to the place they want to exhibit. History is often narrated on the walls: the references, the symbols, the peculiarities of a country can be read and learned with the infinite ability to communicate and transmit the knowledge that new wall support offers.
Warsaw boasts the world’s largest collection dedicated to composer Frederic Chopin. The museum, one of the city’s main attractions, inaugurated in 2010 the murals as one of the many commemorative events of the Chopin Year in Warsaw. The aim of the project is to bring young people closer to culture, to make it attractive, associating the historical figure of the composer to the world of urban culture.
The “Wall of Comics” on Tamka Street is a composition that contains 18 works designed by various artists around the world. The collage-style work shows the composer in the company of people and stories of his life or objects commonly associated with him. Knowledge is a must, learning is a game!



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