“The Girl with the Pierced Eardrum” by Banksy in Bristol, UK

Banksy is the most influent street artist in the world. He uses stencils that are treated as multi-layers and also often combined with other medias. His art is thought-provocative and anti-establishment including any sector as art, philosophy, society and politics. Bristol, his hometown, proudly shows his artworks creating a street art map embracing pieces, more or less well-preserved that belong to his youth and the most recent ones. In this case I want to display “The Girl with the Pierced Eardrum” located on a building in Albion Docks in Hanover Place realised in October 2014. Taking inspiration from the Dutch painter Vermeer, Banksy creates a copy of the famous “The Girl with Pearl Earring”. It’s an ironic reread of the old artwork that had the focal point in the pearl and that gives the title to the painting. Banksy uses his satirical touch replacing the pearl with an outdoor security alarm creating an irreverent interpretation of the 17th century masterpiece.


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