“The Knight” by Pixel Pancho in Warsaw, Poland

Enrico Bertorelli is artistically known as Pixel Pancho and is an Italian artist from Turin. Driven by a forgotten world that is hidden and perhaps buried under a large dust and dirt cover, Pixel Pancho exalts the figure of the robot as a hero on which to project his desire for immortality. Devotedly enthusiastic about robots, he studied a unique style to represent them: they are mechanical assemblies from which a human character appears, the use of colors suggests an ancient matter, a piece subject to deterioration with the appearance of rust. Iron, metal elements, bolts, dowels, human skin becomes structure and interiority becomes gear.
Pixel Pancho is inspired by famous artists and lets their styles influence his work, from Salvador Dali to Futurism, from Joaquin Sorolla to Takashi Murakami.
“The Knight”, realized by attending the Sreet Art Doping Festival 2012, is still in perfect condition in Dolna 37 in Warsaw.



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