“Gaiad”by DALeast in Lodz,Poland

Daleast is a Chinese artist from Wuhan.
Deeply committed to his own affirmation in the field of art and especially in the street art, he has often faced the consequences of such involvement, resulting in tense moments with police and arrest.
For the artist this is a marginal episode and is part of a larger story that involves China and its relationship with art. Talking about his formation and the emergence of an interest in street art, Daleast tells how he dropped out the university and the academic system to devote himself to a personal and creative journey. According to the artist, the university system kills creativity and in China choosing an artistic path is more tied to seeking a status than a creative and communicative need. The artist is very concerned about future generations.
He is now a world-renowned artist and also his partner(Faith47)is very famous in the field of street art.
Daleast usually uses dull colors on the wall, it seems to smother the color tips and their potential in favor of pale blue, shades of gray. It is probably a choice to foster the 3D effect of its work, enhanced by a technique that uses a sort of metal filing. Subjects are often animals, for the artist they are very similar to humans.



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