“Cassie Meder” by Jody in Bristol, UK

Upfest is the largest street art and graffiti festival in Europe hosting over 300 artists and representing forty countries. For the 2016 edition, designer and artist Jody realised a huge mural of a female at the beginning of North Street. Jody Thomas is a photorealist aerosol artist who takes inspiration from the fashion and film aesthetic. His woman portraits and figurative paintings are highly defined by the lights and the shades generating a profound atmosphere. The artworks are completely immerse in a glamour and also thoughtful mood that suggests a deeper meaning behind the fancy surface. For Upfest Jody was inspired by an image of the model and artist Cassie Meder to create a large-scale of mural. Only the down part of the painting is crossed by a red jerk that makes that zone blurry. Keeping on soft palette for the upper part, he realises a figure that reflects her shadow. She looks completely assorted in her thoughts producing an intense moment of internalisation.


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