“Quanto più conosco, più grande si fa il mio mondo” by El niño de las pinturas in Battipaglia, Italy

Raul Ruiz known as El Niño de las Pinturas is a street artist from Granada, Spain. He realises works on commission and spontaneous paintings in the streets. His uses as a source of inspiration the streets to concentrate on the adolescence and the innocence of the childhood. He reproduces characters with great realism creating the focal point into the expressivity of the face . The artworks are completed by texts which he invents or takes inspiration from the popular wisdom. In Battipaglia, Italy, El Niño was part of a social project finalised to create public art in open spaces by the citizen participation. He realised a portrait of a thoughtful child reading a book surrounded by the text: knowing I enrich my world. It’s an encouragement to study because only through the culture is possible to remove social, economic and racial disparities.


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