“Birds” by Lucy Mclauchlan in Lisbon, Portugal

Crono Urban Art Project in Lisbon is a program finalised to transform abandoned buildings in pieces of art. Part of the intervention has concerned the realization of artworks on the main façades of four-storey buildings lining in Avenida Fontes Pereira de Molo. The project has seen the participation of artists as Blu, Os Gemeos, Sam3, Erica Il Cane and Lucy Mclauchlan, in which everyone has brought his personal world. Around the east corner British artist Lucy Mclauchlan has realised a huge mural taking inspiration from the nature. Her world is mostly dominated by black and white, with a fluid and organic style, she creates spontaneous characters from her imagination. The respect for the nature and the surrounding environment is source of inspiration to blend with graphic design influences and sophisticated children’s animation. It’s the result of a spontaneous style used in opposition to the highly technological techniques that allows her to paint with little or no preparation.


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