“Dr Connolly, I Presume?” by Jack Vettriano in Glasgow, Scotland

Jack Hoggan, known as Jack Vettriano, is a Scottish painter of Italian origins. It is clear that we are not talking about a street artist but a well-established contemporary artist. Though he is an artist unloved by critics, he is one of the best-selling and replicated living painters in the world. Jack Vettriano has always been at the center of great controversy: the relationship between “high” art and the great popularity and, consequently, the success of criticism and public success. Important galleries never expose his works, and many professionals in the art field refuse to comment on his work.
Recently, in Glasgow, he made a wonderful tribute to Billy Connolly – an actor, comedian and Scottish musician. With this mural he proves that he’s a contemporary artist who recognizes the potential of this support and poeticly releases his contribution from popular appeal. Fusion is perfect: colors, clouds, shadows. The open-air museum never ceases to amaze and stimulate our mental extensions,or just our imagination.



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