“Pensieri” by Edoardo Tresoldi in Sapri, Italy

Edoardo Tresoldi is a contemporary Italian artist featured by Forbes on the list of leading European artists under 30. Defining him as a sculptor is reductive because the artist – formerly a scenographer – has an absolute mastery with his environmental installations invading the surrounding space in a play of openings, optical illusions, and three-dimensional effects. Thanks to a wire mesh he shapes to characters and architectures, but above all to ideas.
During “Oltre il Muro” Festival of Sapri (a small seaside town in South Italy), he realized the site-specific “Thinking” sculpture. The artwork represents a thinker, but the feeling of lightness that comes from it seems to move away from the anxieties and the weight of excessive meditation, to reconnect to the enchantment of the sea surface and the view that stands out in front of the thinker.
Does humanity need to think less? The sea seems to anesthetize our minds, overwhelmed by violent and unfavorable thoughts. Edoardo Tresoldi invites us to stop the time, because often the individual needs only peace, nothing, a closer relationship with the primordial elements.



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