“L’Estasi di Dafne” by Eremita in Salerno, Italy

Walking in the heart of the Old Town of Salerno – coastal town in Southern Italy – we come across a pleasant and fascinating composition made by Davide Brioschi, artistically known as “Eremita”.
“L’Estasi di Dafne” is an artwork created for “Muri D’Autore” project, an urban regeneration program designed for Rione Fornelle in Salerno. The author who has long been a performer of a personal style capable of representing the dimensional exchange between inner space and outer space, he thinks of a site specific representation for this area. An important reference is to the Salernitana Medical School, which was one of the first universities in Europe; at the same time the author mentions the myth of Apollo and Dafne, and thinking of the concept of transformation gives a fusion of magic and anatomy. It is the deepest sense of what was to be achieved at that time, in that place: re-qualifying a territory can not ignore the awareness of preserving its history and peculiar traits.



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