“Reconstrucción” by El Decertor in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Painter and street artist from Lima, Peru, El Decertor creates large-scale of murals using Peruvian iconography blending abstract style and realistic elements. Decertor is a word pun between the term “desertor” (deserter) and the initials of his name Daniel Cortez Torrez. He started focusing on the portrait, especially taking inspiration from the gangs of Lima, and he inserted in his art pre-Hispanic themes that got central in his visual language. Often in his mural it’s possible to find the masks, that are used by the locals who satirise the colonisers during the festivals. El Decertor integrates more traces of Peruvian folklore as stamped textiles and designs from Pre-Columbian ceramics that are interpreted with a peculiar psychedelic surrealism. In Cochabamba he creates “Reconstrucción” inserting lines and shapes typical of his style. In this myriad of colours emerge a female and male portraits realised with strong indigenous features. The high-level of realism for the faces is highlighted by the abstract forms used for the surroundings. His art is an instrument to develop memory of the past and also a way to look at the future with the intention to generate social changes.


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