Stencil Art by M-City in Lodz, Poland

Mariusz Waras is a Polish artist known as M-City. Street artist but not only, he is currently working on the Department of Art of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. Born in Gdynia, his works depict factories, chimneys, bridges, galleries, roofs, shipyards. This type of scenario has accompanied him during his training, the building sites could be observed daily from his window, the construction of ships, a mechanical work that his father played with great passion. This is how the M-City project is born, largely influenced by the yard’s personality. Reason for which the M-City style is easily recognizable; he uses hundreds of carefully cut stencils to create an imaginative urban landscape, saturated with mechanical and industrial elements. The artist recognizes a specific condition of his work: “unlovable places“, dirty, sooty but overall they are seductive gears for the audience, often influenced by the video game graphics.


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