“Good bye Europe” by Odeith in Bristol, UK

Portuguese street artist Odeith is extremely interested in the perspective effects and the shading finalised to create a high level of realism and 3D image in his paintings. Through this process he realises an astonishing optical illusion that is visible only from a specific point of view: the result of his technique is called anamorphic murals. The artwork seems to have its own life and to float in the air, it pops out from the wall and comes alive. His subjects are landscapes, portraits and 3D letters accompanied by a sentence obtained by a game of light and shade, of line and texture. In Bristol for the Upfest 2016, taking inspiration from the recent news about the Brexit, Odeith realises the portrait of the famous comedian Benny Hill saying “Good bye Europe”. The mural is an extraordinary realistic painting of Benny Hill created by an excellent technique but it’s also an open derision of the UK vote.


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