Acción Poética in Villazon, Bolivia

Acción Poética (Poetic Action) is a movement started in 1996 in Monterrey, Mexico by the poet Armando Alanís Pulido. It has the intention to intervene on the walls with fragments of poetry to engage and provoke pedestrian’s thoughts breaking up the daily routine of the streets. Keeping the micro format, the quotes come from novels, song lyrics and poems using a very simple form: black letters on the white background. One of the rules of the movement is not talking about religious or politics beliefs so the quotes are about love, optimistic phrases and the actual situation. Offering a break to the human eye from the consumerism of the capitalism, Acción Poética uses the power of the word as the heart of a more ‘human’ society. The centre of the idea is ‘there is not city without poetry’, with this concept Acción Poética has grown from an underground street art movement into a cultural phenomenon.


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