Mural by Blu in San Basilio, Rome

In Rome at Recanati Street, Blu realised a huge mural showing the patron saint of that district who is breaking up the padlocks by hands. On the bottom pigs and sheeps dressing as policemen and on the other side citizens ad neighbours together and organised as urban guerrilla. The saint was transforming the officers in beasts to punish them for their acts. Blu was invited by a neighbourhood association for celebrating the anniversary of a murder of a young man Fabrizio Ceruso. He was killed by the police while he was part of a protest for the “rights to the house”. Blu was called to work at the project of urban redevelopment of the area and he creates an image full of metaphors, symbols and allegories. Part of this mural was cancelled by the municipality because it was considered offensive. Blu, as it already happened for the Moca in LA, has been censured increasing the debate about the relationship between the tension of the artwork and the interpretation of the audience.


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