“Proceso de ocupación de un espacio” by Hyuro in Barcelona, Spain

Tamara Djurovic is an Argentinian-born, based in Valencia, Spain. The audience knows her as Hyuro, learning to appreciate her on the streets of Valencia. In this city she meets and becomes friends with Escif, an artist who will introduce her to the urban space. Tamara states that the idea of ​​building their own city, with their own speech, understanding it as a space for communication, seemed to her to be an interesting alternative that escapes the system.
There are two details that are evident from her works. First of all, Tamara prefers as subjects mostly women in movement, the representation of the woman as a mother, hardworking housewife, sometimes portrayed with retro clothes, but also the militant pacifist, anarchist and feminist woman. Secondly, the works convey a great sense of solitude and introspection.
In an interview the artist explains:”I do not consider myself as a militant feminist, my life choices make me a feminist, but this doesn’t mean that all my works are focused on it. I am a woman, mother, housewife, lover, friend and a professional, it is from this set of roles that most of my inspiration arises. The idea of “woman” plays an important role in my work, not only from her gender status, but also from her human condition, is the role that I know best and from which I can speak most honestly.She also explains: “the emptiness and loneliness that are reflected in my work in some way are the opposition to the constant pollution of information, advertising and entertainment in which we are immersed. I think there is some fear of facing the void and loneliness which I consider important in order to find ourselves.”



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