“Connectivity Matters”: collaborative mural with the support of Global Street Art in Shoreditch, London

At the beginning of last year the technology services company Colt commisioned Global Street Art to organise the largest wall mural in Shoreditch. This area became known as one of the best spot for street art. In the last years this part of London is still an attraction but for an art more planned and commisioned. For this event, the theme chosen was connectivity which was a great way to blend technology and creativity and to dialogue with the surrounding urban landscapes.

Working on two sides of a large building on King John Ct, Italian street artists Hunto and Mister Thoms aka Diego Della Posta have painted a huge mural entitled “Connectivity Matters”. The two artists have created a fusion between their personal styles and characters. Hunto paints his iconic portraits taking inspiration from Picasso and Cubism but using bright and intense colours, clumping this cluster of characters inside a round window. Mr Thoms creates a hinged network of interlocking figures and items that represent talkers, listeners, webcams. Each element is linked to the others by some pipes, showing as every single part of our life is strictly connected, encouraging us to reflect on our modern society.



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