ArtRing is an independent online publication that wants to talk about art and visual culture. We focus primarily on the street art as a movement of the artists to communicate to all the range of people with freedom of speech and expression. Art in general as analysis instrument of our society, culture and traditions that can give us a different point of view of the world than the other ways of expression.


At the end of 2016, Federica Cupelli and Antonella Capano created ArtRing with a mission to share their knowledge and passion about Urban Art to promote and support it. Working as a team of writers, ArtRing launches into as a creative laboratory that generates ideas to connect the audience with art. This space wants also to show the result of a photographic research around the world and give some information about the current street artists offering the chance to localize their artworks to create a global street art map.

Self-Described and Self-Defined" by Joseph Kosuth @The Berardo Collection, Lisbon
Studying Art History and Criticism, Federica and Antonella gained experience by working in museums and art galleries. They developed a passion for the public art that led them to investigate and encourage the street art by founding the blog “ArtRing”. 

“Self-Described and Self-Defined” by Joseph Kosuth @The Berardo Collection, Lisbon